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Exciting Teal Pumpkin Products!

Exciting Teal Pumpkin Products!

For the last couple years of teal pumpkins and non-food treats, there are couple of products hubby and I wished we had. After searching for them for two years, we decided to stop waiting and just add them to our own store. So after a fair bit of elbow grease, that’s exactly what we did!

Introducing the Teal Pumpkin Candy Bucket and the Teal Pumpkin Leaf Bag!


Candy Buckets

Let me tell you, we have been thinking about this one for a long time! What better way to help little kids get excited about Halloween and all the non-food goodies they may find than by having them carry a teal pumpkin around while trick-or-treating? It will make them instantly recognizable at houses with teal pumpkins, for a start–helpful if you have a timid child who is unwilling to speak up at houses that don’t automatically give all children a choice. It will also help start conversations when people see you walking around with a teal bucket instead of a typical orange one.

And, of course, it makes a great container for holding . . .

Check out more pictures and descriptions of our terrifically teal products here!

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