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Amazi and Comforting Fall Food {Guest Post}

Amazi and Comforting Fall Food {Guest Post}

A special guest post by Crystal Plew; I first met Crystal at a gathering at a friend of a friends house. She is well spoken and passionate about her cause, I am very happy to have her here sharing a little about her company, Amazi. Crystal is also a vegetarian and gluten free and has included some of her favorite recipes. Make sure to check out her website and follow Amazi on twitter!




 Of the 66 billion plastic water bottles consumed annually in the United States, only 13% of them are recycled. Dozens of cities, hundreds of campuses, and even more businesses and retailers are installing water refill stations and even banning the sale of bottled water. This trend continues to show tremendous growth, however there's currently no effective way to find these locations.


The devastating impact this has on the environment and our health has steadily increased the sale of eco-friendly containers. More than 90% of Americans own reusable bottles, yet the accessibility of bottled water—and the uncertainty regarding municipal water quality—allow it to prevail. 


That’s why I created Amazi


Amazi is a location-based app and website that makes it easy to find clean water...Read more

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