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Nearly-everything-bad-free pancakes

When we found out that our go-to top 8 allergen free pancake recipe (Swedish-style Allergy-friendly Oatmeal Pancakes) no longer worked for our family, as the youngest was diagnosed with a banana allergy (the recipe uses banana in place of egg), we were back on the market looking for a commercial mix. Having tried quite a few, I wanted to share what I think is the best / most versatile for multiple substitutions - King Arthur Flour Gluten-free Pancake Mix.

In its original version, it calls for milk and eggs - both verboten for us. We substitute rice milk (Rice Dream Enriched Vanilla) 1:1 for the milk, and egg substitute (Orgran No Egg - 1 tsp powder mixed in 2 Tbsp water for each egg required). And of course we choose vegetable oil rather than the butter (the manufacturer's directions allow for either).

These come out so good, they've even changed the mind of several friends and family, who believed gluten free meant eating glorified cardboard. Hard to believe these are also dairy and egg free!

Just make sure to heat up your griddle / pan to on medium heat beforehand (else the first batch comes out a bit soggy). And if you leave a splash of oil on the griddle, the pancakes even come out crispy! You can also sprinkle blueberries or other small-sized fruit on top before flipping.

P.S. We refrigerate the leftovers to bring as snacks for our youngest, who is on a very limited diet. He wolfs them down cold or warm.

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