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From Community to Retreat: Ginger Cream Smoothie

From Community to Retreat: Ginger Cream Smoothie
Somedays are days that require a retreat.  

Smoothies are perfect flexible foods. One can throw almost anything in, and get something excellent out -- although it may not be the thing planned if you actually throw almost anything in. I've taken to trying a new one each week, and tossing in something I've got on hand, whatever it is.

Though I travel and deal with community and social eating often, I stay highly vigilant around food that isn't directly prepped by me.  Some days, you simply need a smoothie, a free-edible, and a day pretending all food is provided by someone else -- in a dedicated kitchen, by hands as careful as your own, and offered free of charge or expectation.

[ continue for the full recipe at Tumbling Gluten Free ]

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