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Celebrate Summer, Or Look UP!

Celebrate Summer, Or Look UP!
Look up, not down -- at what you have, not what you don't.

I dared to disorient myself this morning. Things have been so mad-busy, I've felt runaround by the simple switch-up of having a peach on the counter rather than an apple.  (More on that…I've had bushels since California appears to think June and July are apple season.  Oy, Autumn is apples, whacked-out-seasonless-coastland! But it is nice to be able to pick an armload of fruit while walking round the neighborhood.

Anyhow, I woke this morning to no rush.  Except the faint one in my head, which is on automatic pilot, and I thought:What have I got, and what would be fun?

This is a thought that begins innumerable excellent adventures.   But it made Chocolate and Peach Stuffed French Toast this morning, with Ginger Vanilla Peach Cream to top it.

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