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Shaky Day Shake, or Transitioning Safely, with Celiac

Shaky Day Shake, or Transitioning Safely, with Celiac to shift smoothly when every angle of your life seems upset.

It seems particularly important to know how to care for your basic needs when you have celiac disease.Autoimmune diseases, as a dear friend reminds me, make transitions and stresses treble, and that means where others require such-and-such amount of time to re-orient and rest during upheaval, if you have celiac -- or another digestive or immune-related disorder -- you need to double it.

No I don't! Oy, maybe I do.

One way to take that treble amount of time is to eat well. Another way is rest. Not one, or the other: BOTH.

These last few weeks, I've returned to grad school, moved, and started an additional project within the area, offering Pay What Can nutrition consults to underserved or underemployed kids and their families in the Boston area.

This be my I-AM-BLOODYJ-UST-FINE-shake -- which means my brain defies my needs, but I meet them anyway.

A good thing about a shake, for a celiac, is that it is easily prepared safely. I don't have to worry about cooking utensil. I don't have to unpack my own pots, nor utilize toasters or ovens that haven't been cleaned. I can wipe down a counter, toss things in my blender, and make the day a little smoother, when it feels shaky. And to be punny, I can can have a good shake on a shaky day.

....Shaky Day Shake

It works for kids too.

As I continue to address recurring celiac symptoms, it's also an excellent avenue for adding easily assimilated nutrition. I like to pour in a large dose of  coconut milk, which makes it creamier still, dairy-free as well as gluten-free, since my gut doesn't do dairy either.

Shake this day off -- restfully -- with the recipe, and tumble free.

(or, Almond Butter Chocolate Shake)
[ gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, optionally nut-free ]
makes 4-6 cups

::  ingredients ::

1 heaping spoonful of Garden of Life Chocolate Protein n Greens
1 heaping spoonful of Garden of Life Almond Butter Plant Protein ( BEST EVER PROTEIN )
1 cup of ice
1 cup Organic Strawberries
handful greens of choice (lettuce or spinach)
[ . . . full recipe through link here]
I think the play on words with this one was half as nourishing as the shake itself. But I love words. And I'm reminded when I take good care of my needs that half the self-care is in the taking time to play, and rest, and enjoy the things I enjoy.
I think we forget to teach our kids this sometimes. We certainly forget it if we take the cultural rush and pressure to achieve as we do what's called "growing up", but what is really growing brittle and small.
Eating should be a nourishing affair. This is so much more important with celiac disease. But nourishing is always important.  It can be done in grad school, on the road, as children with good support, and as celiacs. You can do it gently and safely too, even if in a strange kitchen, in the middle of boxes, or on campus. 
I'm not going to say you can take this shake with you in a good thermos or shaker cup, because part of self-care is rest. Part of shaking out of shakiness is drinking a shake in time specifically set aside for enjoying it. So don't take it on the road.  Enjoy it by taking time out.
For Life,

Tumbling Free,

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