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Find food allergy-friendly & gluten-free dessert recipes from our community of custom eaters, bloggers & food brands!
Making these cookies is fun for the whole family! And everyone can partake because they're free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, & nuts!
Perfect for a Sweet Sixteen birthday get-together (I'm told they aren't 'parties' anymore) or other gathering, this is quick and easy to assemble!

Wonder Cake Featured

Written by
If your child has a food allergy then you are all too familiar with the problems of cakes and treats at classroom birthday parties. However, your child may feel less…
These hot summer days can cause bananas to ripen faster than they can be eaten. Five bananas with rapidly spreading brown spots on their skins inspired Caroline MacDougall to think…
Inspired by Erica, who blogs at Coffee And, we whipped up these super-simple yet delicious cookies.
A nut-free twist on traditional peanut butter cups, made with SunButter, and made with SunButter on the outside; nut-free chocolate in the centers!
Smooth, creamy and rich chocolate pudding that is gluten-free and vegan. So simple to make with a few ingredients you already have on hand!
This simple applesauce cake was lovingly crafted for our heavily-restricted little bear, whose only safe grain is gluten-free oats. It's easy enough to make for a vegan breakfast bar or…
Nut-free, cool, creamy, refreshing summer dessert (or midday treat!) - inspired by Beth at
A no fail vegan, GF fruit tart you can bring to your 4th of July festivities, even the carnivores will be going back for more.
This recipe came to life after my kids happened to spy an amazing raspberry shortcake in a bakery window. They oohed and aahed over the sticky raspberry filling and the…
This is an old fashioned recipe made with just a few ingredients: pure milk, flour, sugar, and vanilla, and of course, bananas. Vintage and kitchy, just the way my grandmother…
Take advantage of strawberry season with this delicious and healthy recipe for a classic treat.
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