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Find food allergy-friendly & gluten-free dessert recipes from our community of custom eaters, bloggers & food brands!
Dairy free? No problem. Our delicious and simple to make Coconut Whipped Cream is silky smooth, full of flavor and is great for ice cream sundaes, fresh fruit, pies, waffles…
Campfire s'mores just a nutritional facelift with our new cookies! Full of nutrient dense ancient whole grains and super seeds, you will never go back to unhealthy graham crackers again!
Our delicious and healthy version of a family favorite. Lemony sweet with our easy to make cookie crust, no one will know this dessert is nutrient dense!
The perfect sleepover and family get-together dessert. Easy to make, delicious to eat and loaded with ancient grains and super seed nutrition.
If you need a last-minute dessert to wow your family or friends, try out this patriotic Fruit Pizza recipe! It’s sure to be a hit!
Fresh from the farmers market and into your belly, our summer cupcakes are a delicious and better for you dessert for the whole gang!
A better for you version of a family favorite dessert in my family. Rich and creamy cheesecake with dark chocolate swirled throughout is both beautiful and delicious. We love that…
What kid-big or little-doesn't want ice-cream on their waffles for breakfast? With our nutritious recipe for banana-based ice-cream and our ancient whole grain waffles, your family can indulge with our…
Spend some time in the kitchen with the kids mixing up Zemas Compost Cookies! Gummie worms and potato chips all smashed up with Zemas ancient whole grain cookies sandwiching them…
With brownie crumbles and gummy worms your family will love Zemas Dirt Dessert and you will love that it's both healthy and delicious. Both vegan and allergy friendly, bring this…
A special adult dessert that's perfect for a book club, potluck or birthday celebration. We love the infused brownie AND ganache with delicious Grand Marnier. Dark chocolate decadence, moist, fudgy…
Love Pecan Pie? These adorable Mini-Pecan Pie Cookie Cups get a nutritious facelift with our ancient whole grains and superseed crust! Vegan and non-vegan versions available.
Decadence, chocolate and nutritious? Yes, and filled with healthy ancient whole grains, superseeds, omega's, vitamins and minerals. No one will ever know it's dairy-free or gluten-free.
A fun and delicious way to celebrate the 4th of July! Nutritious, creamy and dairy-free cashew-based mini cheesecakes on top of our easy to make crust made using our Zemas…
A deliciously nutritious twist on blueberry waffles for the summer! Stock up on farmers market fresh blueberries for added anti-oxidants. Our homemade(easy to make) banana-based ice-cream is awesome and dairy-free!
I needed a dessert to bring to our Father’s Day barbecue at my parents’ house last weekend, but I completely failed to plan ahead this year. With only an hour…
This simple 5-ingredient caramel recipe is dairy-free and vegan! It is great with fruit, ice cream and other desserts!
If you have to bake without egg (or dairy), chances are, you’ve heard of the Wacky Cake. Or Crazy Cake, or Depression Cake. The Wacky Cake is a very good…
A gluten-free and dairy-free spin on the classic Naked White Cake with dye-free rainbow sprinkles
Zemas Beer Brownies are a delicious dessert for any tailgate, family get together or weeknight treat.
Feed your family or feed a crowd with Zemas Texas Sheet Cake. Allergy friendly and vegan, bring to your next family BBQ or party.
Zemas Cherry Tarts are a great addition to any family dinner or party with friends and using Zemas mix everyone can enjoy them!
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