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Find food allergy-friendly & gluten-free dessert recipes from our community of custom eaters, bloggers & food brands!
A better-for-you ice cream sundae bar made with easy-to-make homemade banana bad ice cream flavors. Dairy-free, vegan and nutritious-no one will know the difference. Madhouse kid-approved!
The perfect chocolate cake made for a party! Graduations, summer get-togethers, b-days and more, this sheet cake is a decadent and better-for-you option for your family and friends. Top with…
Get ready for summer with these healthy, dairy-free and vegan mini ice-cream sandwiches made using a banana based iced cream and our new ancient whole grain cookies. A sweet treat…
Fresh summer berries make this fruit crisp the perfect dessert! It's light, fresh and EASY!
With warmer days approaching, this easy, dairy-free ice cream treat is perfect! You can also substitute other ingredients easily to fit dietary needs.
Dean has taken over the blog with his "When life gives you an egg allergy, you make egg free cookie dough you can eat raw!" Beware the puns.
This tasty twist on traditional carrot cake makes this a delicious Spring dessert - perfect for Easter!
Quince is a fruit that is similar to an apple and is great in this easy compote. We love it served with shortbread cookies and whipped coconut cream!
I purchased a set of football cookie cutters a few years ago, and I decided to break them out again for our annual Superbowl party, since our home team THE…
These grain-free and dairy-free shortcakes make me wish for summer! They also make great Valentine's Day treats.
Heaven is only a bite away! Your mouth will thank you once you get a taste of these Dark cacao & espresso cupcakes with a Sunbutter center and melted marshmallows…
Pretzels, Peanuts and Chocolate Chips give these gluten-free cookies the perfect sweet and salty combination!
These cookies are super soft and they have a spongy texture to them that I absolutely love. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to absolutely fall in love with…
This pair of recipes came out of the need to provide safe food for my family at two different events. The first was for Zax's class Gingerbread Party. The sign-up…
Several years ago, my 3 year old asked Santa for just one thing: a cookie he could eat. Santa delivered.
Vegan shortbread with raspberry jam, chocolate, sprinkles… now we’re getting somewhere.
Mint Chocolate Chip, Berry Sugars, Maple-Doodles, and Lemon Gingerbread ... easy, shortcut recipes and ALL top allergen free!
We mustache you a question: do you like your gingerbread cookies soft or crunchy? Either way, we’ve got you covered with these flavorful flavor savers.
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