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Chili with a nice combination of spicy and sweet - and top-8-free besides!
Fast & Easy Halloween Dinner Idea that can easily be made top-8 allergen-free: stuffed peppers - with jack-o-lantern faces!
Boiled chicken dinner is a fast, easy, family dinner. Great for cool fall nights.
Its summer in California, which means that the corn is fresh, the cherry tomatoes are ripe, and the THYME is right! This lovely bean dish is a crunchy sweet and…
perfectly crisp and sweet on the outside with tender briney shrimp inside. The dipping sauce is what really takes them to the next level though with its sweet and tangy…
This three ingredient recipe is so simple to make we almost didn't write it up.  But wow - apples on the grill make any meal pop!
I like this recipe because I can precook the ribs in the oven at my leisure, freeze them, and pull them out of the freezer in time to thaw when…
This meal can be pepared ahead of time, then refrigerated for up to a day ready to be popped in the oven when needed.
I didn't have any chutney around so I used aprircot jam and curry powder to make a "faux chutney." I think this is an improvement. I further adapted the recipe…
This recipe takes little preparation. The mustard adds crunch and honey adds a little sweetness. The sauce also works well with shrimp.
This is a very quick and easy to prepare entree that, with the proper choice of salsa, can meet most food allergy requirements.
This delicious stir-fry has just a hint of sweetness and a ton of flavor. Free of milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

Green Pea Pasta Featured

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Vegetarian Nut-Free Green Pea Pasta with Feta and Dill
This is a recipe which combines features of a number of other recipes that I found on the internet. It lends itself to experimentation. The soy sauce (and its amount)…
This quick and easy kale salad has a refreshing, summery dressing but with the body to hold up equally well for dinner as for a picnic lunch - and it's…
Getting off the couch on a lazy Sunday was more difficult than actually making this. Usually ribs take a ridiculously long time to achieve maximum fall-off-the-bone tenderness, but with a…
After enjoying a recipe like this for turkey but being overwhelmed by the leftovers, we modified it for chicken.  To our delight, it worked just as well, or even better!
This pot roast cooks up beautifully in a Dutch oven - no extra dishes to wash later - and it's even better the day after!  It's got all the comfort…
The holy grail!  A low-histamine, soy-free and gluten-free ribs recipe!  Not only that, some say pomegranate seeds actually have anti-histamine properties.  And oh - it's really good to boot!
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