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Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe

Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe is definitely a labor of love. From the hand-crafted tables and counters to the detailed way in which the food is prepared, owner Sandi Hills works diligently to provide the best for those she serves.

While the business she runs with her husband has only been open a short while, Sandi has been baking gluten free items for herself and others for 15 years. After a gluten intolerance diagnosis in the mid 90's, Sandi started creating baked goods to meet her diet. All the while, as friends tried what she had made, they kept encouraging her to go into business. Finally after 30 years working in the private sector, she decided to make the switch.

Live Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe is a 100% dedicated gluten free restaurant. Every ingredient that is brought into the establishment has been thoroughly researched by Sandi herself. She even contacts each business every 30 days to verify that none of their processes has changed. Everything she uses is tested to be truly gluten free, either by third party certification or by having it tested herself.

This restaurant is more than just a safe haven for those with Celiac Disease. They strive to accommodate as many other food allergies as possible. She uses soy, corn and peanuts as little as possible, and has stopped using xanthum gum. They use nitrate free meats, local blueberries and maple syrup, and make their hot fudge and caramel from scratch. She is known for being the "Mad Scientist" of baking, creating special order items for those with additional food allergies, and knows each of those customers individually by name.

And all the of the food is delicious! We had fluffy pancakes, mouthwatering quiche and decadent cupcakes. She has clients order from around the country and had a family from Chicago, the home of the deep dish pizza, say she makes the best pizza crust they've ever eaten. Their macaroni and cheese is a huge hit and their pasta carbonara is a dish that you'll wish you could eat everyday. They have sandwiches on homemade bread, salads and homemade soup.

So whether you live on Michigan's West Coast or are visiting the area, make sure to make a stop in Norton Shores. The food is memorable, the atmosphere is inviting, and the love and care the Hills have for their patrons is wonderful.
** While I was not charged for my meal, all of my thoughts and opinions are my own **

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