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Lunchboxing: How To? Make It Fun

Lunchboxing: How To? Make It Fun

Making a lunchbox?  That doesn't have to be a 
have-to. It can be a get-to.  My cooking kids learned they aren't victims, they're resilient and creative -- and that's what teaching gives me too: a chance to get out of my own worries, and pass on tips and ways to live life freely, even free of certain foods.

A few days ago I had the privilege to play with some around food.  I'd scheduled a Back-to-School Lunchboxer -- a cooking-class-cum-food-intolerance-awareness-meet for a few interested families in my community.

To put it simply, if you've got kids who are going out into the world with a need to feed, Keep It Simple this fall.

These are three things we kept in mind, and this is what we did in the workshop!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_20140810_132402-2.jpgWe made Chili Dogs with corn tortillas, Better Bean Co. Chili, and Applegate Gluten-free/Organic Beef Dogs...the kids not only loved to eat them, they loved making them. Easy-packed too!

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