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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:33

Easy Homemade Vegetable Stock

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Homemade Vegetable Stock Homemade Vegetable Stock Fab Food For Life
Are you a soupaholic? If you love soups, homemade soups, then you NEED to make your own stock. It's easy, delicious, and so so good. Try my vegetable stock.

  • Ingredients: 1 gallon bag full of assorted vegetable peelings, cuttings, stalks, skins, etc. (see below)
  • Instructions:
    I love soups for many reasons. The main reason is that they are SO easy. I love that you can make a soup from garbage. Yup. Garbage. You know when you chop up your veggies and throw away the skin, ends, core, seeds, etc? Well, that is the garbage part. So, what you do is keep that stuff. It doesn’t typically happen that one chopping is enough to make a stock. So, what you do is keep a big Ziplock bag and keep adding the “garbage” after you prepare veggies. When you have one gallon size bag full, you’re ready to go.

    I find that the best thing is diversity. So, if you have corncobs, onion peel, cauliflower stems, carrots tushies and tops, the woody ends of asparagus, etc, the better your flavor will be. Don’t worry if you only have onions, tomatoes, and carrots. It will still be flavorful.

    Now that you have that big old bag of “garbage”, get out a nice big stock pot. Dump in the garbage. Add water, salt, whole peppercorns, a whole bay leaf, garlic, and whatever other spices you like. I tend to just add salt, peppercorns, a bay leaf, and garlic, but experiment. It is so much fun. Now get the water to a simmer and let it go until the veggies are soft. When you push a fork in there should be no pressure needed to push through the thickest of veggies. Let it cool. It will be wicked hot.

    Lastly, strain the veggies. Place a pot, bowl, etc. into the sink. Put a strainer across the top. Slowly pour the contents of the stuff you cooked down into the strainer. Toss out all the stuff you catch in the strainer. BOOM! What is left is vegetable stock!
  • Cuisine: -Select (optional)-
  • Cooking method: Boil/blanch/poach
  • Special ingredients: no dried fruits, no fresh / raw fruits that don't get cooked by the end of the recipe, no fermented / pickled foods, no seeds, no beans / legumes / pulses, no dried / ground spices, no meat / poultry, no alcohol, no grains
  • Just right for...: Great for kids, Comfort food, Quick & easy, Light fare, 5 or fewer ingredients, One-pot meal, Thanksgiving, Fall favorites, Winter favorites
  • Top 8 allergens?: gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, fish-free, shellfish-free, nut-free, peanut-free
  • Active/prep time: 45-60 minutes
  • Total time (inc active/prep): 45-60 minutes
  • Specialty Diets: Paleo
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