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Celiac Disease Diagnosis? Now What?

Celiac Disease Diagnosis? Now What?
You have just found out that you have Celiac disease and probably are feeling quite overwhelmed at exactly what that means and what to do next. You may find yourself somewhere between feeling quite ecstatic that you have finally figured out what the heck was wrong with you and quite miserable because you have to give up so many of your favorite foods.  From here on out convenience eating is a thing of the past, preparation is your new best friend.

So, first things first:

  • Have an allergy & vitamin deficiency test done
  • Find out as much as you can about Celiac disease
  • Talk to family members about getting tested
  • Learn what gluten free means and the foods that are safe to eat
  • Get used to reading EVERY label on anything you buy
  • Expel the gluten from kitchen and household
  • Research safe restaurants and ask questions
  • Be prepared and always have snacks on hand when out of the house
  • Don't cheat
  • Heal your body

How do you do each of these essential points to heal your body?  Hit the READ MORE link below and I will show you.


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