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What Grocery Shopping Looks Like for a Family of Four GF/CornFree

Today we're talking about the basics. For those of you just starting out gluten free you're probably seeing a TON of products entering the market. They're all labeled gluten free. When you read the labels they look kind of bad for you sometimes. Truth is a ton of packaged gluten free items are really not that great for you. They're loaded with extra salt, sugar and fat to make up for the interesting textures and flavors some of the flours can impart.

The best way to avoid all of this is to cook at home from scratch. You'll also not miss the over inflated prices of 90% of the packaged gluten free items out there shortly after going this route. You would be shocked just how many foods are naturally gluten free, and just how many things you can do with those foods. Nearly every recipes we make on this site will be with these basic staple foods. Done about a million different ways!

Today I'll share what a basic shopping list looks like for me. Now, obviously we have a few packaged gluten and corn free foods we like to pick up for additional snacking. I'm not including those. I'm showing you my basics I buy for a family for four for 1 week.

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