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corn-free recipes

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We call these "Chocolate Bird Seed Cookies" because they are chock full of seeds, berries and big, luscious, dairy-free and soy-free chocolate chunks. Rich and filling, they also happen to be free of 7 of the top food allergens (but you can also leave out the chocolate chunks for a top 8 allergy-free version). Just don't be fooled by their high fiber and other nutrients content -- there's a definite potential for addiction here!
Published in Desserts
Getting off the couch on a lazy Sunday was more difficult than actually making this. Usually ribs take a ridiculously long time to achieve maximum fall-off-the-bone tenderness, but with a pressure cooker it takes about 20 minutes.  And with the ingredients listed it's even gluten-free.
Published in Main Courses
Being dairy-, egg- and gluten-free means going out to brunch is a rather frustrating affair.  But that doesn't mean I don't miss all those yummy brunch classics!  Perhaps most of all I've missed the breakfast skillets -- veges, usually under a sea of cheese or runny egg.  Here's my alternative -- and I think even better -- version.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
After enjoying a recipe like this for turkey but being overwhelmed by the leftovers, we modified it for chicken.  To our delight, it worked just as well, or even better!
Published in Main Courses
This recipe was inspired by a rather spectacular, 'pull-apart' Sesame Street cake pan that I found for our rather Elmo-obsessed two year old.  Alas, he has just 15 or so foods he can digest without incident so I'm always looking for some way to disguise them as something new.  Here then, in his honor, is an apple-bread like, top 8 allergen free, Elmo Cake.  As a bonus, I've written a sad-sweet poem about how happy it made him in TableTalk.
Published in Desserts
It's sunny, it's spring and I wanna go out for brunch! On my diet, that goes a lot better in my patio than in a restaurant (sigh), but it always gives me an extra boost when I come up with a dish like this one to savor with my (rice milk) latte and mimosa.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
The holy grail!  A low-histamine, soy-free and gluten-free ribs recipe!  Not only that, some say pomegranate seeds actually have anti-histamine properties.  And oh - it's really good to boot!
Published in Main Courses
This is a top 8 allergy-free version of the traditional dish - easy to prepare and we never have leftovers!
Published in Main Courses
This recipe was inspired by some phenomenal Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes we experienced out in Northern California. We'd brought home a bag of the mix, but before we had a chance to make it we learned that we needed to cut all gluten, dairy, egg and soy out of our family diet.  When I found my wife standing in the garage where we'd exiled all of our banned foods for the trial period of our new diet, I decided to experiment a little. I think these top 8 allergen-free pancakes turned out pretty well. A family favorite and Saturday-morning tradition (well, it was until the baby tested highly allergic to bananas - oh well...).
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
This stew of tender veal and spring vegetables is as impressive-sounding as it is easy to prepare.  The perfect dish for entertaining, it comes together quickly and then bakes quietly in a dutch oven while your guests arrive.  And even better - it doesn't have any of the top 8 allergens, including gluten!
Published in Soups & Stews
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