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corn-free recipes

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This easy recipe was inspired by the excellent borscht our landlord's babushka (Russian for 'grandmother') made for us the summer we lived in Crimea, Ukraine.  Although you could certainly make a vegetarian version, our babuschka was quite insistent that "borscht isn't borscht without meat" -- much to our vegetarian flat-mate's chagrin!
Published in Soups & Stews
These are fun and easy to make, and they are finger-licking good too! Beautiful enough for a fancy dinner party, and simple enough for a weeknight side-dish.
Published in Salads & Sides
A fresh, super-easy alternative to cranberry relish for your holiday turkey, or to jazz up a lamb or other roast.
Published in Condiments & Sauces
This easy recipe is great when you've got a crowd coming because the seeds and the carrots can be prepared in advance, and then the carrots can go in to bake while your guests arrive.  Serve your seeds on the side if you think one of your guests has a spice or seed allergy, or for kids with a picky palate.
Published in Salads & Sides
We worked out this dairy-free, gluten-free stuffed turkey recipe to make sure our highly-restricted baby could be included in Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.  Best of all, it turned out to be a delicious meal for even our no-restriction friends.  And the gravy is thick and creamy - yet gluten- and dairy-free!
Published in Main Courses
With the brilliant pinks of the watermelon, the reds and whites of the radishes, and the bright greens of the kale and jalapeno, this salad is as colorful for the eyes as it is surprising for the tongue.  Combining the hot and sweet flavors of summer make this an infinitely refreshing side dish that's particularly good with the richer summer flavors of grilled meats.
Published in Salads & Sides
This is one of those salads that's so ridiculously easy to throw together that it works equally well for lunch on the run and a crowd-pleasing side dish.  Just don't forget to multiply the directions - it was devised as a working-from-home-lunch-in-a-flash so the quantities are just for 1 person.
Published in Salads & Sides
Looking for a way to make a salmon salad 'fit in' to a harvest table, we found ourselves swapping out summer fruits for sweetly rich roasted butternut squash.  This salad takes a little time in the oven but very little hands-on prep is required and it can be served either warm or cold, making it a versatile option as an elegant and light dinner entree or a crowd-pleasing party side.  And with its simple dressing it's gluten-, dairy-, soy- and nut-free!
Published in Salads & Sides
This rich dessert pizza was inspired by the fresh lavender that grew in my California front yard.  The pizza's whole-wheat crust is an earthy surprise under the rich sweetness of the toppings, but it would work equally well with a gluten-free crust as well.
Published in Desserts
Hot cocoa - one of the most painful casualties of my dairy-free war.  This one is a rich, thick cocoa with a little bit of a bite thanks to the crystallized ginger - in the vein of Mexican hot cocoa.  Enjoy!
Published in Beverages
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