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This staple can be served as a side dish and, if you add meat, prawns or tofu and some sauce, makes a great base for a delicious low-FODMAP meal. I’ve used just 2 vegetables in my recipe, but you can add whatever you like.
Published in Main Courses
This recipe for pasta bolognese is really simple and uses what I had left over in the fridge, so you can easily swap out the pepper, spring onions and celery for any other vegetables you like, although I do think celery works really well in this. To keep it more traditional you can use spaghetti but any gluten-free pasta is fine. Click the link below for the full recipe.
Published in Main Courses
Smooth SunButter and sweet natural dates combine in this energy-packed nut-free smoothie.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
An easy and delicious way to sneak in some extra veggies!
Published in Main Courses
This is a really filling dish and great for entertaining as the recipe makes enough for 3 or 4 people. I use a hand blender to make the sauce but don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can just chop everything up really small – it’s still delicious!
Published in Main Courses
A healthy and easy dessert that's made from fruit
Published in Desserts
A wonderfully indulgent banana pudding that's easy to make too!
Published in Desserts
Whoever you're celebrating with, these Flourless Chocolate Mini Cakes with a Chocolate Glaze will make any chocolate lover swoon.
Published in Desserts
A simple, versatile Raspberry Sauce that you can use in baking, coffee, cocktails, and more!
Published in Desserts
A quick and easy recipe on the lighter side.
Published in Main Courses
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