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You've always seen those deep fried Oreos at the amusement park, fair, or boardwalk. And now you get to try it for yourself- but the Gluten Free version!
Published in Desserts
Sweet, nutritious, cozy -- half-way to a pilaf but with power-packing quinoa instead of rice, this top-8-free, vegan one-pot is an easy solution to chase away the hints of chill in a late summer evening and soften you up for fall!
Published in Soups & Stews
Boiled chicken dinner is a fast, easy, family dinner. Great for cool fall nights.
Published in Main Courses
We're used to thinking of beet stew as a winter favorite - or we were until this gorgeous team of summer vegetables practically leapt out of the fridge and into our Dutch oven!  An easy, weeknight dinner that's as beautiful as it is nutritious - and top-8-free!
Published in Soups & Stews
Farmers markets are bursting this time of year with gorgeous yellow zucchini blossoms. If like me you see their shining faces as challenges to shake the gluten, dairy and egg that so often cover them by the time they hit the table, check out this delicious alternative. As fancy-looking as they are quick to make - and easier than it sounds!
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
Its summer in California, which means that the corn is fresh, the cherry tomatoes are ripe, and the THYME is right! This lovely bean dish is a crunchy sweet and filling summer meal which can be served on its own, over a salad, or on top of a crunchy rice cake!
Published in Main Courses
I had played around with many recipes trying to develop a gluten-free, dairy-free and yeast-free breadstick recipe. Most of the time they wound up being a glorified biscuit and hard and dense at that. These breadsticks are wonderful. Very quick to prepare and they have just the right texture and consistency. From my cookbook, Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes.
Published in Breads
They're crisp and airy and full of flavor. These are just down right tasty, friends. Hope you're kids enjoy them as much as mine did!
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
These delicious dessert bars have the texture of a fudge brownie and the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie. Simply Divine!
Published in Desserts
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