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We LOVE the Holidays!!!! Time to plan!!! Perfect for Turkey and all of the trimmings!
Published in Beverages
This is a recipe I've been wanting to convert for years, but couldn't find a suitable gluten free oat option. I found quinoa flakes a few years back and love the way these cookies came out. I was so happy to finally make these cookies again that I shared the recipe immediately on my site that day while the cookies still cooled. This recipe is really special to me. When I was trying to catch my husbands eye way back when before we ever started dating I made him these cookies as a thank you for rescuing me one night after some car trouble. He hadn't been diagnosed with food allergies yet, that came after we were married, but these cookies are what finally got me a date.
Published in Desserts
So I know these may not have the most PC name, but you have to admit they sound interesting. It was just what my grandmother called them growing up. I think it was more that we made them before going camping and that we just threw whatever we wanted on top of a hamburger patty, wrapped it in foil, and cooked it over an open fire. Even though we only had these a few times with my grandmother I remembered them well and immediately thought of them when trying to find allergy friendly recipes after my husband was first diagnosed. They have become a favorite of the entire family, even my nieces and nephews ask for Hobo Burgers when they visit. I cook them while camping or at home in the oven when the weather is cold or on the grill when the weather is nice. We've gotten pretty creative with our Hobos since my grandmother first made them when I was little, gourmet even. You could almost call them Hobos 2.0. I hope you get creative with yours and add whatever you like. Below is the most popular version at our house.
Published in Main Courses
Red Pepper Sauce I love Italian food, but with my husband being allergic to tomatoes I only get to enjoy pastas, salsas, and other tomato based dishes while out with friends. Then a cousin mentioned her red pepper sauce recipe. The original recipe had way too much garlic for me and not enough peppers to use it for enchilidas, chili, or a red sauce for pasta dishes so I've modified it to fit my families needs, and it keeps the whole house from smelling like garlic for a week too.
Published in Condiments & Sauces
Spice Rubbed Salsa Chicken takes the typical chicken and salsa pairing up a few notches in an easy, gluten-free, allergy-free, and paleo way! A great dinner recipe to have on hand so you can whip up something tasty and healthy for the whole family on any weeknight!
Published in Main Courses
Simple gluten-free, nut-free, vegan buckwheat waffles with a full-flavored fig, maple, tahini compote to take this breakfast over the top! These waffles will be your new favorite weekend breakfast or brunch recipe!
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
This fizzy, foamy drink is a great addition to your fall party table. It's a great beverage for Halloween, bonfires, even Thanksgiving.
Published in Beverages
This creamy, rich and festive dip goes perfect with fresh fruit slices or some of your favorite allergy-friendly cookies.
Published in Desserts
Halloween is full of treats, but not always the healthiest or safest treats for kids with allergies and food intolerances. Try this fun make-at-home version of marshmallows with the kids. You only need water, honey and gelatin to make the marshmallows and there's even a chance for the kids to get some marshmallow fluff. A great way for kids to participate in making and appreciating homemade treats that may be more safe for them.
Published in Recipes
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