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An easy gluten free recipe on the lighter side.
Published in Main Courses
I originally had this stew at a restaurant in downtown Santa Fe. I chose it because it was a tantalizing mix of some of my favorite New Mexican flavors: hominy, pork, potatoes and, of course, green chile. After one bite my tongue was on fire - this restaurant is famous for their spicy food! Yet at home I couldn't stop thinking about it. Here's my version. The same authentic New Mexican ingredients, minus the extreme heat.
Published in Soups & Stews
A quick and easy gluten free weeknight meal!
Published in Main Courses
Gluten free garlic chili chicken and noodles is the perfect last minute dinner that will take no time at all to prepare. If you have leftover chicken, or you get a rotisserie chicken then it's even quicker. If not pop some chicken, sliced in strips, into a frying pan coated with coconut oil. Salt and pepper to taste, cook until just done and then let cool.
Published in Main Courses
Deliciously moist carrot cake muffins with a decadent maple cinnamon drizzle.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
Delicious, fun, top 8 free cupcakes!
Published in Desserts
When Lys Gabrielle Poet brought this delicious cheesecake to our office, everyone went nuts. How could it be so simple to make and yet taste and look like it took hours to prepare? Lys brought us two crusts - one dark cookie crust and one graham cracker crust. Both were fabulous and she bought them rather than made them. So easy you don't even have to make a crust. OK, we know this isn't exactly on the no-fat diet plan, but it is on the occasional indulgence plan!
Published in Desserts
Our favorite side for Easter or Passover!
Published in Salads & Sides
A deliciious smoothie that sorta kinda looks like an Easter egg... ;)
Published in Beverages
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