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Top O the Mornin To Ya!
Published in Beverages
I first made this recipe for hubby years ago on his birthday. It was a side dish for a larger recipe, but we both decided this was the only part of the recipe worth repeating! If you like onions, check out this delicious way to serve them as a side dish for your next killer meal! These stuffed onions make a great side dish for many entrees!
Published in Salads & Sides
[ ...gluten-free, meat-free Irish celebration eats...]
Published in Main Courses
I've been using this pizza crust recipe for a while, when we make homemade pizza. I like it's ease of use--your bread machine does most of the work for you, and it behaves nicely when you spread it out on the pan. If you'd like a way to make your own pizza at home, this is a great foundation on which to build your masterpiece!
Published in Main Courses
Skip the applesauce with added sugars and make your own at home! This colorful sauce is great for kids of all ages! Plus, it only has 4 simple ingredients!
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
As a child, I loved those little freezer pocket meals. As an adult, I know the importance of feeding my family healthy meals. This homemade version features clean, healthy ingredients that can be easily made allergy-friendly!
Published in Main Courses
Dean has taken over the blog with his "When life gives you an egg allergy, you make egg free cookie dough you can eat raw!" Beware the puns.
Published in Desserts
This EASY breakfast food is completely customizable and a great use for some leftover potatoes or other vegetables.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
I love my crockpot! It's so nice to dump all the ingredients in one big pot and let time do the cooking all day. I'll use it any time I get the chance! Another thing I love is pulled pork. I've shared my Hawaiian Pork recipe before, so today I'll share how to make a succulent barbecue pork in your crockpot! The crockpot also makes this a great party food! I served it at our Superbowl Party, and the crockpot kept it warm and safe throughout the whole game!
Published in Main Courses
Valentine's Day Weekend Treat
Published in Beverages
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