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grab 'n go recipes

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Browse our members' "grab 'n go" recipes, or use our advanced search to find ones that work for the way YOU eat!

Start your day fueled with our wonderful coconut banana muffins filled with ancient whole grains, fresh bananas and a hint of coconut. Make ahead and freeze.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
Wake up to the sweet aroma of summer with Zemas Gluten-Free Raspberry-Orange Muffins freshly baked and filled with your farmers market picks.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
A typical hummus uses garbanzo beans as the base. They are light in flavor but lend well to other flavors. Garbanzo beans are packed with healthy, nutritious stuff.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
The perfect snack that's quick to make, easy to eat, and fills you up plus keeps you satisfied until you have time for a meal.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
The hot sauce baked with frozen veggies is a great way to spice up your salad. Pair with a ranchy sauce made with our culinary milk, and all your cravings are met. We recommend building the salad in a mason jar for easy transport that won't leave your greens soggy.
Published in Salads & Sides
A healthy alternative for breakfast that is free of the top allergens.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
A fun on-the-go treat for active kids from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
Hummus is delicious. Add kale and you have a super health, really tasty version.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
I have an affinity for Italian and Greek flavors. I am a garlic fan and I adore full flavored foods. This dish is one I haven’t made in a while, but every time I make it, I am overjoyed by the flavor profile. It is like a party in my mouth with each and every bite. It is sweet and savory. The aroma hits you first, garlic, vinegar…then you taste a sweetness, a surprise if you will. That first bite. It is heaven. Rich, full bodied flavors. You will crave more.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
I am a huge fan of crackers. I love them with all sorts of toppings. Cheese is my favorite. But, I also like hummus, fish spread, roasted veggies, smoked salmon, etc. However, crackers sold in stores are full of crap. Let’s face it, they are. I know, they are soooo delicious. But, when you are on the path to remove all the processed foods out of your life like I am, crackers, my friend, gotta go.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
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