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recipes for summer favorites

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Browse our members' recipes for "summer favorites", or use our advanced search to find ones that work for the way YOU eat!

This 5 ingredient dish is perfect for hot summer days - no cooking required!
Published in Desserts
Dairy Free Potato Salad
Published in Salads & Sides
A light and refreshing salad featuring garden vegetables that's perfect for those summer BBQs!
Published in Salads & Sides
This simple, summer dessert is perfect for those that love s'mores but hate the mess. Just bake and grab a spoon!
Published in Desserts
Join us as we anticipate the arrival of summer with this super-cute sorbet recipe by the talented Ms. Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life. It is as refreshing as it is adorable, kid-friendly, and perfect for your next party.
Published in Desserts
Spring is for catching up with friends while luxuriating in the first perfect temperatures of the year. A bottle of wine, this cake, and a back porch are all you need. Nothing will beat the ease and sophistication of this fruit-topped treat! Try it for your next party, or just because.
Published in Desserts
If you love traditional banana bread, I think you'll love this smoothie. It's full of flavor with just a few ingredients!
Published in Beverages
Healthy Dairy Free Popsicles
Published in Desserts
If you are looking for a quick, cool and refreshing drink - this is it! It's very light and satisfying, plus my kids LOVED it!
Published in Beverages
[ no trifling with this allergen-friendly feast ]
Published in Desserts
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