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recipes for summer favorites

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Browse our members' recipes for "summer favorites", or use our advanced search to find ones that work for the way YOU eat!

A deliciious smoothie that sorta kinda looks like an Easter egg... ;)
Published in Beverages
This is the easiest and most delicious recipe. I like to call it the only recipe you'll ever need :)
Published in Desserts
This dressing is the perfect blend of sweet and sour with the honey and lime. And the cilantro is amazing!
Published in Condiments & Sauces
Smooth SunButter and sweet natural dates combine in this energy-packed nut-free smoothie.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
A healthy and easy dessert that's made from fruit
Published in Desserts
Whoever you're celebrating with, these Flourless Chocolate Mini Cakes with a Chocolate Glaze will make any chocolate lover swoon.
Published in Desserts
A simple, versatile Raspberry Sauce that you can use in baking, coffee, cocktails, and more!
Published in Desserts
This recipe might be the best dish I have ever created, gluten free or otherwise. I cannot describe how fresh and delightful the flavors are, paired with light gluten free grains that leave you feeling satisfied and nothing short of happy. This is one of my go to recipes when I need to bring a dish to a potluck or holiday, as it is quick and easy to cook in large quantities. Just the colors of these ingredients alone make me smile.
Published in Salads & Sides
Everyone knows kale is a superfood but not everyone knows how delicious it can be. I love kale for its incredible health benefits and because it adds structure, color, taste and crunch to any salad. Apple, lemon and ginger are not only refreshing, but they help your digestion, too. This salad makes you feel as amazing as it looks and tastes! Don’t you feel healthier just looking at it? I do!
Published in Salads & Sides
A super easy dessert option that takes a simple bowl of fruit to another level.
Published in Desserts
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