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recipes for summer favorites

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Browse our members' recipes for "summer favorites", or use our advanced search to find ones that work for the way YOU eat!

A pizza with pizzazz, and none of the allergen-full attitude
Published in Main Courses
A rich, meaty Bolognese sauce using beets in place of tomatoes.
Published in Main Courses
Delicious and healthy vegan coconut waffles.
Published in Desserts as a shamrock / sweet as whipped cream.
Published in Beverages
These Gluten Free, Vegan muffins have ground flax seed as the egg replacer which is my fit and fabulous healthy omega addition. They are packed with cinnamon & vanilla flavors with a hint of almond. Top these muffins with a warm blueberry drizzle and cinnamon streusel clusters. These muffins kick refined sugar's butt with pure maple syrup as the primary sweetener.
Published in Breakfast & Brunch
A gluten-free, nut-free, grown-up Chex mix with the sophisticated flavors of dark chocolate, warm cinnamon and spicy cayenne pepper.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
Artificial ingredients free, dairy free, and gluten free granola bars. Deliciously packed with healthy monounsaturated fats and omegas these are sure to please!
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
Perfect for summer trips or everyday snacking.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
A no fail vegan, GF fruit tart you can bring to your 4th of July festivities, even the carnivores will be going back for more.
Published in Desserts
A healthy natural energy boosting chia pudding shot with hints of french toast flavors.
Published in Appetizers & Snacks
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