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Privacy Policy

At freedible, we take your privacy seriously.  Making social change for custom eaters everywhere requires that we all share a bit of information with one another so we'd like to share with you how that information might be used. Please review our Privacy Policy and check back for any updates or revisions.
The freedible website ( (“Site”) is designed to bring together the spectrum of people with “custom” eating requirements to learn and share together. More than just a social media site, freedible is a social movement, determined to change the way we as a society think about food, to spread the understanding that food is not one-size-fits-all, to break down the social and logistical hurdles to following custom diets and to model new norms for how we can all go back to eating together.

Information-sharing is a big part of this mission. When you enter data into your personal profile, it allows us to personalize the site to your eating needs and to advocate for more products to be produced and better policies put in place for those eating needs. When you make that information public, you also allow others who eat like you do to identify and connect with you through the Site.

This Privacy Policy outlines the type of information that Freedible, Inc. (“Freedible”, or “we”) collects from individuals who have registered to join the Site (“Members”) and how it is shared with other third parties including, but not limited to, food brands, product or service businesses, third-party software or ‘apps’ providers, non-profits, and research institutions (collectively, our “Partners”).

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and without prior notice, by posting an amended Privacy Policy and terms on this website. We encourage Members to review this policy periodically for any updates.

What Kinds of Information We Collect:

Through your profile on the Site, Freedible, Inc. (“Freedible”) collects personally-identifiable data including your full name, street address, date of birth and other information (“Personal Information”). If you submit a recipe to our Community Cookbook, it will disclose your full name as the author of that recipe. However, otherwise no Personally-Identifiable Data is publicly-disclosed through the Site. However, you should be aware that it may be possible for a third party to determine your identity from your profile avatar or photograph, from other data you share in your profile (unless marked private) or in the public portions of our site.

Freedible’s Custom Eater and Blogger member profiles also give you the option to provide information about your custom eating requirements, such as any dietary restrictions you maintain, the custom eating lifestyle challenges that interest you, whether others in your household have an eating restriction and what, if any, medical conditions you maintain through your dietary restrictions (collectively, the “Shared Data”).

You have the ability to specify who can view your Personal Information. You can set it to be private (so that it can be viewed only by you), to be viewable only by your “friends” on the Site, viewable only by other registered members. All data for which you restrict access in that way is referred to here as “Restricted Data”. Any information that you do not restrict, other than the Personal Information, will be viewable by the general public. Members may change their privacy level at any time. Any data marked as “public” may be indexed or stored by Internet search engines (e.g. Google) or other independent sites, which means a Member’s Shared Data, including any Personal Information shared, may come up in the search results by anyone on the Internet, even after switching privacy levels.

You have sole responsibility for deciding who can view each component of your profile data. Freedible is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the manner in which you set your privacy restrictions.

The Site is a platform for sharing and discovering information and for making social connections with respect to personal information such as the eating restrictions you maintain and aspects of your personal health and/or beliefs that drive such eating decisions. Even if you do not include such information in your profile, it may be discernable to others through, for instance, any recipe submissions, blog posts, status updates, friend requests, group memberships, comments, photographs or videos you upload or submit, or through the campaign events or other activities in which you participate in, on or through the Site or on any Freedible campaign events on other websites and/or social media platforms.

By participating in any activities on the Site or being a member thereof, you acknowledge that such information and/or your personal identity may be discernable by others, independently or in conjunction with third party sources.

About Cookies:

A cookie is a small data file that often includes an anonymous, unique token, which is sent to your browser by a website and may be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Two types of cookies are required to use the Site:
·         Session Cookies are temporary cookies that remain only until you log out of the website or exit your web browser. Session Cookies do not store any Personal Information, only a unique visitor ID number that may be used to ensure Members are properly authenticated and can view site information.
·         Persistent Cookies remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer, even after you leave the Site. Persistent Cookies also do not store any Personal Information. Persistent Cookies store preferences that should persist from visit to visit and a unique token to enable us to understand how Members use the Site (“Site Usage”).

We may use cookies in a variety of ways to help us improve the user experience, such as by analyzing what pages and paths users take through the site.

How Your Data is Used:

Members should expect that every piece of information they submit (even if it is not currently displayed), except for Restricted Data, may be shared with the community, other Members, and Partners. Members are encouraged to share information but should consider that the more information that is entered, the more likely it is that a Member could be located or identified.

There are instances where both Shared Data and Restricted Data, including Personal Information, may be used and disclosed including, but not limited to, the following:

·         All Members appear, with their ‘avatars’ or chosen image, in the Member directory.
·         In accordance with your privacy settings for a particular data field, other visitors to the Site can view data in your profile and your profile may be shown to them if they search for Members having a particular eating requirement, medical condition or other search value in their profile.
·         We may use the data we collect, including your Personal Information, Restricted Information, Shared Information and Site Usage, to customize your user experience to better match your eating needs, interests and other considerations that we think may improve your user experience on the Site, including by filtering or re-ordering recipes, blog posts, product recommendations and other content, displaying advertising we believe may be well targeted for you, and otherwise.
·         We may create relationships with third-party software and mobile app developers, services or providers (collectively, the “Apps Companies”) in order to extend and improve the functionality and user experience of the Site and such softwares may access your data, including data marked as private, in order to customize your user experience when using that software as well.
·         We may provide aggregated data regarding our Members to third parties. However, any such data will not include any Personally-Identifiable Information. In addition to helping us defray our costs so that we can continue to offer this service, providing this data may help encourage food brands to create new products that exclude a particular ingredient, to inform non-profits’ efforts in areas relevant to our members or for other purposes.
·         Freedible uses Shared Data, Restricted Data, and Site Usage data internally, as needed, for research, for maintenance and operation of the Site, and to create the best possible tools and functionality for our users.
·         Freedible may use a Member’s data in the case of an emergency or other circumstance that we determine requires a member of the management team to directly contact the Member.
·         Freedible may share or disclose a Member’s data where required by law or to comply with legal process.
·         In the event Freedible goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another organization, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, the Shared Data and Restricted Data, including Personal Information, might be among the assets transferred. Members will be notified via this Site of any such change in ownership or control of Personal Information.
·         Freedible may also periodically ask Members to complete short surveys about their experiences (including questions about products and services). Survey responses are analyzed, combined with Members’ Shared Data and shared with and/or sold to Partners. Member participation in these surveys is not required, and refusal to do so will not impact a Member’s experience on the Site.

We will not sell your personally-identifiable information.

Other Security Issues:

Freedible cannot guarantee the identity of any other Members with whom a Member may interact in the course of using the Site or who may have access to a Member’s Shared Data. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any data that Members may provide about themselves.

Finally, Members should know that Freedible takes commercially reasonable technical precautions to help keep Member data secure.

Other Privacy Considerations:

Members should be aware that it is possible that a Member could be identified using information shared on the Site (and/or in conjunction with other data sources). A Member could be discriminated against or experience repercussions as a result of the information shared. For example, it is possible that employers, insurance companies, or others may discriminate based on information regarding any medical conditions you reveal either in your profile or in other Shared Data.

Members should understand that anyone can register on the Site and view the Shared Data. If you are reading this Privacy Policy because you have access to the Personal Information of a Site participant, we urge you to recognize and fulfill your responsibility to protect the privacy of that person.

In using the Site, Members are free to skip any non-required questions or data fields that make them feel uncomfortable. Members are also free to stop using this service at any time.

Questions about the Privacy Policy:

If you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please let us know, or contact us at:

Freedible, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Issues
P.O. Box 440
Tuckahoe, NY 10709

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