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Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Our Thanksgiving celebration was extra special this year with a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Pumpkin, who helped make sure all foods served at the Thanksgiving table were free of dairy, egg, nuts, corn and apple.

From papa's smoked turkey and grandma's delicious stuffing to the yummy pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies pictured here, everyone at the table was deliciously full by the meal's end.

In addition to being thankful for our wonderful family and the food at the table, I was so taken and touched by everyone's efforts to ensure that my son and I could enjoy every part of the meal along with everyone else, free from worry.

It has taken a few years for everyone in our lives to be on board with hand-washing, meal prep, hidden allergens and all, but I'm happy and so grateful to be able to say that our circle is becoming ever-aware, supportive, and knowledgeable.

Here's to the holidays. May they be happy, healthful, and safe for all!

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