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Don't Just Survive Thanksgiving, Thrive On It

Don't Just Survive Thanksgiving, Thrive On It
Don't just survive Thanksgiving -- Thrive On It

…So first, find the thanksgiving bit. It struck me this morning that I used to go into social eating situations, and family holiday frontiers with either a chip on my shoulder, or fear flooding me.  In both respects, I felt powerless.  What I wanted was someone to know what I needed and make it safe for me

It didn't strike me right after celiac diagnosis that I could know what I needed, and I could make it safe for me -- to eat and enjoy. 

Family situations when Celiac Disease is involved can be an inflexible knot of what-ifs.  Thanksgiving wasn't much about giving-thanks or enjoyment for me; but all in all, that's reasonable. Thanksgiving is one bloody cornucopia full wheat, crumbs, flour, pies and gravies.  But they're what-ifs only so long as I'm relying on someone else to take care of me.

You know, I'm rather an adult now. I have options. I'm grateful today I've taught myself what foods are gluten free and safe, how to ask the right questions about the ones I'm not sure of, and what to do or bring to events so that I'm nourished and safe, whatever the hosts are offering.

Having Celiac, I briefly thought I needed to survive these sorts of soirees.  It's been brilliant to learn that I can thrive, and enjoy them instead.  …And I can leave if that's not working out.

Thrive this Thanksgiving!

If we're Celiac or have food intolerances, we're custom - eaters.  Not victim-eaters.

This Thanksgiving it's also my birthday; and I tugged in a whole new kettle of fish on that one for poor-me's.

When I was new, I would have wanted someone to give me a list.  Concrete tools to hold onto take the breath out of fear, and the power out of what-if's, and give me the practical steps to thrivon gratitude, not survive anxiety.

So here's the Tumbling Gluten Free list
to Thrive

DO know all the aspects of your disease,
what foods you can eat, (ask for) and read labels
Know ahead what will be served, and where it's prepared
[ food prepped on same counters with flour or bread and /or
cooked in same pans is not safe. It's okay
to let your family or host know this ]

Offer to bring a side-dish YOU can eat
                                                                 [ check out the Freedible Thanksgiving drive for
                                                                                   options, tips, recipes ]

... Keep reading at Tumbling Gluten Free

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