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A Day for Giving Thanks

A Day for Giving Thanks
I woke this morning to the smell of my Grandmother's famous Red Cabbage wafting up from the kitchen. It's a smell that has stood for the very essence of family and Thanksgiving since I was a child, back when we all learned to recite like a mantra that we are thankful for our food.

Today, I truly am thankful for my food - for the knowledge that allows me to eat foods that will make me feel healthy and for the recipes that make those foods just as satisfying without the things I must now avoid. And I am thankful for the community of friends and family, on freedible and in the real-world, who "get it" and help me to maintain my traditions without choosing between my health and having community.

Over these last couple of weeks, that community and the spirit of giving behind it has been so beautifully on display. So many of you have shared your recipes and tips and spread the word throughout social media in our campaign to help more custom eater families make it to the communities and Thanksgiving traditions that are important to them, without their own eating restrictions coming in the way.

It has seemed to me a very special demonstration of the meaning of community - in a way that could not be more appropriate this Thanksgiving morning. I hope that spirit will help to sustain you and your family today and throughout the season of holiday traditions ahead, and I thank you for all the ways it has already helped to sustain mine.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving,

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