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Thanksgiving Anxiety - 5 Helpful Tips

Thanksgiving Anxiety - 5 Helpful Tips

Have no can do this! Hosting Thanksgiving can be fun but the preparations can be stressful.  Here are 5 tips to help ease your anxiety.

1. Ask someone in the family to assist you.  Teenagers are great helpers.  The process of organizing a family feast will turn into a family tradition.  In reality you will be helping each other.  Your teen will receive experience with planning a family meal and you will have a high energy person to help you.  This also provides a mentoring experience for your teen.


2. Make a shopping list and an activity list.  Be sure to cross items off after purchasing and completing tasks.  This will help to keep track of what has been accomplished and what remains outstanding.


3. Do not wait for the last minute to do things. Rushing around will increase your stress and lessen your enjoy of the holiday.  Naturally there will always be last minute things to do, but you want to reduce the quantity.


4. Have your favorite tea, coffee or hot chocolate handy.  Take a few minutes between tasks to enjoy your favorite beverage. I like to read blogs and watch YouTube videos between cooking tasks.  This ensures that I am relaxing and short breaks make it easier for me to return to the tasks at hand.



5. Try to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Remember the day is about being with family and friends, appreciating the time that you have together and eating lots of food.

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