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One Box Does Not Fit All: The Tasteful Pantry's Treat Box

One Box Does Not Fit All: The Tasteful Pantry's Treat Box
The founder of The Tasteful Pantry, Jennifer Wang, loves good food. But years ago, she started experiencing persistent “digestive discomfort” and exhaustion after every meal that would last for days. Sound familiar? After exploring numerous alternatives with GI specialists, nutritionists and allergists, she found that by eliminating gluten and dairy (and strangely also onions and almonds), her symptoms improved drastically, but the problem was finding 'free-from' foods that did not taste like cardboard. 

Having lived in New York, London and Los Angeles, she searched the globe for foods that fit her diet, but found that most "treats" that claimed to be healthy and tasty were really just processed forms of sugar in disguise. Fast-forward a few (or a lot of) years and the Tasteful Pantry was born. Jennifer and the Tasteful Pantry’s mission now is to share their love of wholesome food and their knowledge of the ‘free-from’ market with as many friends as possible so that specialty diet hassles become a thing of the past!

The Tasteful Pantry is an LA-based business that offers its customers across the country an opportunity to indulge in a way that fits their 'free-from' and health-conscious lifestyles. Our mission is to transform the tedious process of shopping for 'free-from' snacks & sweets into a convenient and delightful surprise every month with our monthly boxes.

With our Treat Box, we provide the unique service of customization for dietary restrictions, in addition to nutritionist-approved, natural, minimally-processed foods. Each Treat Box can be customized for any combination of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, and nut-free. With our Low Carb / High Protein box, we provide a gluten-free healthy alternative to those watching their carbohydrate intake. We also offer a completely customized gift box that goes beyond these five 'free-from' categories and caters to any dietary restrictions and/or taste preferences. Jennifer likes to call that box the "super highly customized gift box".

Taste is just as important to us as nutrition, that’s why our staff of foodies taste-tests each item and if it doesn’t meet the yummy standard, we leave it out of our boxes. We look for the best in natural, minimally processed snacks & sweets out there to help you enhance your 'free-from' and healthy pantry. And if you like what you tasted in any of your boxes, you can buy more in our online shop.

We also have a philanthropic mission as corporate sponsors of the Shambhala Meditation Center of LA, because we believe that mindfulness and good food go hand in hand - both help you relax and enjoy eachother and the world fully!

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