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Time to Take the Pledge to Go Veg

See the change just 1 week can make to your health, the Earth and the life of animals. Take the #VegPledge with me! #vegan

Easter Menu Ideas, Especially for those Eating Dairyfree and Vegan

Easter menu planning with Dairyfree and Vegan recipes all right here 

Kool-Aid Eggs

Kool-Aid Eggs
Have you seen this trick before? Did you know that you can use Kool-Aid packets to dye Easter Eggs? You might be wondering why we’re dying...

Do it for Your Health, the Planet, the Animals. Just Do It!

It's that time again!  It's time for Veg Week. Join me and take the pledge for VegWeek  https://

What's new at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show?

MoreHeading to EpcotFlowerandGardenFestival ? ? Check out my review

Food Allergy Easter Chocolate Roundup

Does Dairyfree and Vegan Easter chocolate even exist?

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Adults with Food Allergies

Just because you have a food allergy does not mean the Easter Bunny should pass you

Should I Go Gluten-Free? Break it Down for Me

Google “gluten free” and you get roughly 150,000,000 results.Clearly, the topic of gluten is trending.  You probably know at least one person that has cut gluten...

Gluten-Free Apple Pie *Buttermilk* pancakes

Gluten-Free Apple Pie *Buttermilk* pancakes
We love pancakes in this house. They have become a weekly tradition, a no-thought, go-to every Saturday morning. For years my husband has been the pancake...

Gluten-Removed Beer - Bane or Blessing?

Gluten-Removed Beer in mugsGluten-removed beer. It's one of (sadly) many issues those in the Celiac Disease community don't agree on. People can be seriously passionate about beer. I think...

Wok Asian Bistro: Food Allergy Conscious Asian Food

Wok Asian Bistro: Food Allergy Conscious Asian Food
Wok Asian Bistro is nestled into downtown Northville, Michigan. Placed conveniently next to a large parking area, Wok Asian Bistro is the great starting point for...

Helping Educators Keep a Peanut-Free Classroom

Helping Educators Keep a Peanut-Free Classroom
Most of my blog focuses on educating individuals and families about Celiac Disease. With a degree in Elementary Education, teaching comes naturally to me. That "aha"...

A Celiac Recap of Expo West, Natural Foods Convention 2017

I got to go to Expo West this year! the natural foods trade-show that swamps Anaheim each Spring with gluten-free new goods. Wicked w00t to that,...