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A leap of faith

Cheryl ViirandWhen my kids and I were first diagnosed with food restrictions, I didn't know where to begin. But as I looked around the grocery store at all the other folks reading labels and trying to figure it out, I quickly had my answer: we begin together

Creating freedible was a steep learning curve but more than that, it was a leap of faith.  A leap of faith that I wasn't the only one struggling to make up recipes and figure out how we could keep being who we were, and that I wasn't the only one burning to share all we'd learned.

Over the last couple of months, we have been overwhelmed by our members' unmistakeable "yes" to that question. Overwhelmed by the patience with which our community gave us time to make necessary upgrades with our tiny team, and overwhelmed by the content that came rolling in, long after the last newsletter had floated through your inboxes.

We are entirely too far overdue in sharing some of that content in an email blast, and we regret only that we couldn't possibly share them all without your inboxes imploding! That's one of the reasons we're excited about our new Dibles, as an additional place where we can spotlight our members' content, and the myriad little victories they represent. Come by and follow the ones that are relevant to you for updates!

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