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Help Anti-Wheat Girl make a birthday donation to the Celiac Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!

Help Anti-Wheat Girl make a birthday donation to the Celiac Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!


Hey there everyone! Exciting things are happening! Anti-Wheat Girl herself, Priyanka Chugh, is turning 22 this month, and to celebrate, she’s donating her birthday to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Children’s Celiac Center.

That’s where you come in! Be sure to check out and share this video and, if you’re able, we invite you to donate to help make Priyanka’s goal of a $500 donation reality.

You can visit her donation page here:

Learn more about CHOP’s Children’s Celiac Center here:

We thank you for your support!

Here’s Priyanka’s statement about her fundraiser:

This year for my 22nd birthday, I don’t want any presents (yes I know its presumptuous of me to assume that you would be giving me presents…anyway) but I do want your support. This year, I’m hoping to raise $500 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Celiac Center.

As you all probably know, my brother and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 9 years ago. But post-diagnosis, advocacy for the Celiac community became a very big part of my life. Without getting into too many details, I’ll just say that I’ve been volunteering with CHOP’s Celiac Center ever since and have gone on to create my own health blog, The Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl. to do further advocacy work.

So to help push Celiac research and advocacy further, I’m donating my birthday to the CHOP Children’s Celiac Center. Why the CHOP Celiac Center? Well first, that’s where I was diagnosed. But more importantly, the CHOP Celiac Center is one of the few Celiac advocacy groups that I feel is truly all about caring for those of us who have this disease and not about making business connections or all the glamour and fame ( much glamour and fame as you can gain from advocating for a disease). Every person who works at this center has dedicated their professional careers to this disease and I am so inspired by the work that they do every single day. 

So please join me in supporting this amazing cause for my birthday. Help me reach my $500 goal and beyond!

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