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Food Allergy Frameworks

Do you consider your food allergy blog, recipes, and more a hobby? A business? A diary for your way of life? All of the above? Regardless of your perspective, you probably put yourself and your information "out there" because you want to share it. 

If you are contemplating a business model for your food allergy services---like consulting, recipe publication, or product sales---you might follow traditional models for online advertising or affiliates, participate in groups (like this one!), and otherwise engage with the virtual community. But did you know that, if you have a domain and email associated with your food blog or website, you can also network onLinkedIn (and probably similar sites) through their company page program? It's easy to set up, free, and potentially connects you with hundreds of people in circles outside your traditional blogging connections.

I've just started a company page, although my blog right now is a hobby and journaling outlet, not a business ( Mixing professional and private worlds isn't for everyone, and I don't actively promote my food blogging pieces to my medical-profession LinkedIn followers right now. But I've made the company page visible, in case I want to follow that route in the future. And I am constantly surprised by people I meet in my professional capacity who have experiences with food allergies in their family, or who want to learn more about accommodations because of coworkers or new friends with allergies or sensitivities.

Connecting your food allergy advocacy or journaling with your professional colleagues can be a great way for #customeater bloggers to learn, grow, share experiences, and feel less overwhelmed by health care challenges. The scheduled posting and outreach also can keep up connections you might otherwise lose if you're taking time off work to stay home with young children.

As I return to a more traditional work schedule now that my kids are older, I find that my company and private media presences overlap in all sorts of places, from Facebook and LinkedIn online to face-to-face interactions at new schools for the kids. It's sometimes messy, but it's also nice to find common ground where I don't necessarily expect it. 

What do you do to share your food allergy writing with wider circles?

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