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Special Bloggers Edition: We want to feature your blog!

Special Bloggers Edition: We want to feature your blog!
Join us today on!
Freedible isn't just about supporting custom eaters - it's about supporting the bloggers and other parts of the eco-sphere that support custom eaters!

Check out all the things happening on freedible this week and watch our sneak preview of the Thanksgiving campaign we'll be announcing soon - all with a view toward spotlighting your blog!

We want to feature your blog.

Over the last several months, freedible has gone from an idea to a vibrant community.  A common "town hall square" of custom eating, where bloggers, food brands and hungry eaters are coming together to share information and make a difference.

Simply being in one place is the beginning of that difference.  But now that the eco-sphere is coming together is where the real opportunity begins.  Opportunity for blogs like yours.

Freedible is designed not just to help people with custom eating requirements but to support the food bloggers, the brands and the organizations that sustain them.  Already, innovative food brands are joining freedible, eager to connect with potential brand ambassadors that can help tell their story.  And organizations - from non-profits to allergy product businesses - have contacted us about bringing their products, services and information to our new community.

They, along with countless custom eaters, are reading the blog posts, making the recipes and searching our bloggers directory - and clicking through to the blogs behind them to read the whole story.

With today's newsletter, we decided to start a new format.  Each week in our Special Bloggers Edition of the FreedibleNews, we'll highlight the "current features" going on at freedible that bring us together and define us as a community - and that present opportunities for you to turn freedible's spotlight onto your blog. 

To kick this off, we are thrilled to make two special announcements.  First, that Jodi Stewart, moderator of our Gluten-Free Group, has agreed to take on a new role as the official moderator of our Bloggers group as well.  You may hear from her with suggestions for bringing more of your content into the freedible spotlight.  She isn't exactly shy.

Second, we're bringing you a special "sneak peek" for an exciting project we'll be rolling out soon in which we'll be asking the freedible community to join with us in working to help every family in America come together this Thanksgiving - whatever their eating restrictions may be.

So please, log in to the site to see what's new.  Add a link to your most recent blog post, or post a recipe in our fully-searchable community cookbook with our new feature - exclusive for bloggers  to link back to your site.  See what our new community - your new community - is up to.
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current features on freedible:

Don't leave the future of food allergies to chance!

Have a few things you'd like to change about the life of the custom eater? We'll bring your voice to FABlogCon - even if you can't!

Next week I'll be flying out to Las Vegas, where I'm honored to be moderating the closing panel of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference.  I'm extra-thrilled because this panel will be focused on the question at the core of freedible: what can we do to "close the gaps" in existing care for food restrictions (and food allergies in particular) - whether that be a matter of policy and legislation or of support forums and online resources.

For the conference, food allergies docent and freedible member Jenny Sprague has brought together an amazing roster of speakers and panels - and we want to make sure your voice is heard along with theirs. 

All you have to do to join this important conversation is to log in to the site and add links to your blog posts on things you'd like to see change for food allergy sufferers and other custom eaters, whether they be about policy, legislation, products or research.  Let's start the conversation rolling - and keep it going long after the conference ends!

Video sneak preview:


Watch our sneak preview for the Thanksgiving campaign coming soon!Help us bring everyone together this Thanksgiving - whatever their eating restrictions!

We aren't releasing all the details just yet but this Thanksgiving we'll be launching a very special project at freedible, inviting the custom eater community to join together to make sure every family in America can sit down to a meal that everyone in the family can eat.  Please watch our video for a sneak peek, help us spread the word and let us know if you'd like to get involved as a project leader to help us make this happen!

Meet the Brands!

Over the past several weeks, more and more of the innovative food brands creating products for the growing market of custom eaters have been joining us on freedible!  Check them out on our Eatables! page, or watch my video interviews with several of them at Natural Products Expo East.  They are excited to be part of our new community and to connect with potential new brand champions... like you!

(psst! Stay tuned for our big announcement about freedible's Eatables! members - coming soon to an inbox near you!)

Meet Jodi @ knowgluten!

We are thrilled to announce that Jodi Stewart - known to many of us as @knowglutenjodi and as the moderator of our Gluten-Free group - has agreed to take on the role of Moderator for the Bloggers group!  Hardly known for being shy, Jodi is a social media maven extraordinaire and eager to help new bloggers find their way - on freedible and elsewhere in social media.  Please join me in welcoming her to this new role!

freedible news you might have missed:

New link-back option for recipes - exclusively for bloggers!

Last week, we announced an exciting new feature exclusively for freedible's bloggers: now when you add your recipes to our cookbook you can choose whether you want to post the whole recipe or just the ingredients, with a link back to the full recipe on your blog!

Now you can get all the advantages of being included in our searchable cookbook, while driving more readers to your blog!

We're hiring! (A video message)

freedible is an itty-bitty startup with a great big vision and we're looking to grow! Please watch our video, help us get the word out that we are looking to fill several positions on freedible's team - and contact us if you'd like to learn more!

What's freedible all about, anyway?

I'm often asked what freedible is all about - this short video is, well, my short answer!  Please check it out, share it on your social networks and follow our YouTube channel so you get all our updates as they happen!

Going to FABlogCon?

Join our group so we can connect up before we get there!  Looking for someone to room with?  Put in a request to join the FABlogCon group that's marked "private" for coordinating roommate requests!

Featured this week on freedible:

put freedible to work for your blog:

Add your recipes to our community cookbook with our new link-back feature! Let your recipes lead readers right to you when they search on over 50 diet restrictions!
Connect with new brands! Our "Eatables" members are innovative food brands putting as much thought into what's not in their products as what is - and they're eager to connect with bloggers like you who can help to tell their stories!
Edit your profile with your eating restrictions so more Custom Eaters can find you through our Custom Bloggers Directory!
Add links to your blog posts in our collections on the lifestyle challenges and other topics that matter most to custom eaters.
Join a group or start a discussion thread on the topics that you blog about or the diet restrictions that you keep.
Blogging for an expo? Holding a give-away or custom eating-related fundraiser?  Add an event to our Community Calendar!

Bling for your blog!

Download our badge to let your readers know your blog can now be found on freedible!

Join us on freedible.  Follow us everywhere else.

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Please help spread the word about freedible, the new social media site for custom eaters and the bloggers, brands and organizations that support them.
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