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A Cookbook for Santa - and holiday recipes! (freedibleNews)

A Cookbook for Santa - and holiday recipes! (freedibleNews)
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A cookbook for Santa - and holiday recipes for you!

A cookbook for Santa

Find holiday recipes on freedible
About a week ago, I was making a train track with my three year old - something really complicated to keep his little imagination going long enough for me to throw something together in the kitchen.

"Mommy?" he asked, out of the blue.  "Santa Claus gonna come to our house, right?"

"Yes, baby" I answered with that little cringe of guilt we parents feel on such occassions.

"Yeah," he said, confidently now.  "He gonna bring something for me to put in my mouth that not gonna hurt my tummy."

My heart stopped a moment.  That's not something I ever asked Santa Clause to bring me for Christmas.  What a window he had just opened into his world for me: Santa can bring me anything - here's my deepest wish.

And so I finished our train track and headed to the kitchen with new-found fervor to magically wrestle some new treat out of the 15 or so foods that my little one's mast cells can tolerate.

This is why we are creating freedible.  This is why we celebrate with each new recipe that is added to our cookbook, and insist that our search filters be able to handle as many dietary restrictions as possible.   It is because with each new recipe there is one more child, one family, who can find a safe treat "that won't hurt" - whatever their restrictions may be - without each of us having to make it up on our own. 

Families like mine where the cookies we will leave for Santa will pale in comparison to the ones we hope he will leave behind.

So this holiday season, let's lend Santa a hand.  Before you plan your holiday feast, reach out to your loved ones to find out what foods they can eat and then design a meal you all can eat together.  Our advanced search filters are designed to help you do that, because we know what a difference it makes to custom eaters big and small to be at the table together.

All the best to you and yours,

Some of the holiday-ready recipes now on freedible:

This is  just a sampling of the recipes, from savory to sweet, that our members have shared in freedible's Community Cookbook.  Drop by to browse, use our advanced search filters to find ones that work for your family or share one of your own.  Lend Santa - and all the custom eater cooks out there - a hand.
Peppermint Black Bean Brownie - recipe on freedible.

Peppermint Black Bean Brownie from Zemas Madhouse Foods
Holidazzled Sun Cups - recipe on freedible.
Holidazzled SunCups from SunButter
Maple Banana Bread - recipe on freedible.
Maple Banana Bread from Jodi @ KnowGluten
Christmas Popcorn

Christmas Popcorn from Cheryl Viirand
Sundried Tomato, Basil & Cannellini Bean Dip - recipe on freedible.
Sundried Tomato, Basil & Cannellini Bean Dip from Healthy Stories

Gluten-Free Stuffing with Udi's Bagels from LazyGlutenFree

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