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Why Should I Go Gluten Free Anyway?

Why Should I Go Gluten Free Anyway?

There it is again.  That little question that has so many big implications.  This is another one that we get asked many times daily at the bakery, and if we had the time we could give day-long lectures on the subject!  Luckily for you, we’re usually too busy baking up delicious gluten-free treats for your enjoyment.

If you have a gluten sensitivity or Celiac, the reason for cutting the gluten is pretty obvious–your body is attacking it!   But what about everyone else?  Is a gluten-free diet really a good idea for everyone?  We say “yes!”  A gluten-free diet can be beneficial to anyone, even those without a diagnosed allergy or sensitivity.


In the words of Cardiologist Dr. William Davis, modern wheat is a “perfect, chronic poison.”  Over the past 50 years, it has been genetically modified to contain higher levels of gluten than ever possible in its natural state.  Even if we eat the same number of slices of bread or pieces of cake that granny did way back when, we are now ingesting up to five times more gluten per serving.  And that doesn’t take into account that many bakers add extra raw gluten to the product!


Let’s even go so far as to say your body is super gluten-resistant and can handle such extraordinary amounts of the substance.  You now have to deal with another chemical that has been added to modern wheat: the gliadan protein.  It was added to the DNA of the wheat to increase crop yield and lengthen shelf life.  Sounds harmless enough, right?  Until we realize that gliadan is an opiate, specifically one that stimulates the appetite.  Ever wonder why you get such cravings for bread?  Gliadan binds to the opiate receptors in your brain and stimulates your appetite!


Alright, that’s enough scare tactics for the moment.  Let’s talk about the good things that can happen when you go gluten-free.  You’ll be eating a more natural diet and have fewer cravings, which means that you could lose weight (despite the fact that gluten-free products generally do have more calories).  We’ve heard stories of people losing more than 80 pounds just by switching to a gluten-free diet!  Other effects we’ve heard from our customers include better management of diabetes, increased energy, lessening or complete loss of the symptoms of arthritis, depression, IBS, Chrohn’s, Hashimoto’s, seasonal and pet allergies, and much more!  We’ve even heard stories of people slowing and even reversing their hair loss!

Most people notice that they feel better after only a month or two on a gluten-free diet, so if you’re not sure, take the gluten-free challenge!  Just cut out gluten for 30 days–we guarantee you’ll see (and feel) what we’re talking about!

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