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5 Tips for Starting on Freedible

5 Tips for Starting on Freedible

Wondering what you can do to start joining in the conversation at freedible today?  Here are some ideas:

1. Complete your profile.

At freedible's core is our community profiles, designed to help you find others who eat like you do or who are interested in the same custom eating lifestyle challenges -- all the while quietly adding your voice to our movement to your restrictions count.  You can register for free and then use the "edit my profile" button to add *your* special eating needs.

2. Share a recipe.

No matter how simple, and no matter how you eat, there's someone else out there who'd love to find your Grandma Mary's homemade sauce or your own go-to one pot, throw-it-together-after-work wonder.  All your recipes will be searchable by a host of diet restrictions, and they'll all link back to your profile!

3. Add a post on tabletalk.

Tabletalk is our new forum for bringing custom eaters together across the spectrum of foods and issues for a broader conversation about what works, what doesn't and what's behind it all.  We invite you to tell your personal story, write a restaurant or product review, post new research on food allergies and intolerances -- if it's about food restrictions, we'd love to hear it!  And for all you bloggers out there, you're welcome to use this space to tell us about all the blog posts we can find on your website as well!

4. Tell a blogger.

There are tons of amazing bloggers out there coming up with creative recipes, tracking down new research advances and otherwise doing their part to move this issue forward.  The trick is finding the ones that are right for you!  If you already like to follow a blog that would be relevant to our community of custom eaters, please let us know.  And if you have one of your own, check out our "for bloggers" section to find out how we can help you reach the people who need you most -- all for free!

5. Share.

One of our favorite things about social media is that it's reminded us all how important it is to share.  Throughout our site, you'll find all the regular bookmarks to make it easy for you to share the content you're finding - and creating! - on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.  When you send that little bit of love out, you help us bring it back in the form of more eaters like you with whom to learn, cook and grow.


So go forth, explore, check out all that freedible has to offer -- and happy eating!

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