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Announcing our New Celiac Disease Know-How Center!

Announcing our New Celiac Disease Know-How Center!

Announcing the Celiac Know-How Center on freedible!

Find celiac disease FAQs, along with celiac-related blog posts from our community, and gluten-free recipes and our guide to help get you started on a gluten-free diet!

Read our official launch announcement!


Announcing our new
Celiac Disease
Know-How Center!

Announcing freedible's new Celiac Disease Know-How Center!
May is a big month for custom eaters: it's Celiac Disease Awareness Month and - right in the middle of it all - Food Allergy Awareness Week!

To kick it off, please drop by our new Celiac Disease Know-How Center, with celiac disease FAQs, blog posts, recipes and more. And watch your inbox this month for special celiac edition newsletters and events!

But most of all, please help us spread the word. By working together to spread awareness of the many health conditions requiring custom diets, we each help to create an environment of better understanding for our own.

Happy Eating,
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Celiac disease is a badly under-diagnosed condition with potentially life-threatening consequences. Please forward this message to someone you know or post it to your Facebook page to help us spread the word about this difficult disease!
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some resources from our Celiac Disease Know-How Center

celiac disease faqs

Celiac disease FAQs

Celiac disease is an all-too-often un-detected auto-immune disorder in which even trace amounts of gluten can cause your immune system to attack itself. Read our Celiac disease FAQs to find out more.
Browse gluten free recipes on

Browse gluten-free recipes from our Community Cookbook

From sweet to savory and everything in between - browse our gluten-free recipes or use our custom search filter to find ones that work for all the diet restrictions gathered around your family table!
Pin with freedible on our Celiac and Gluten-Free Pinterest boards!

Pin with us to raise awareness!

Check out our Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free pin boards on Pinterest - and get your invitation to pin with us!
celiac blog posts

Browse more than 50 blog posts on Celiac Disease

Freedible now has almost 150 specialty food bloggers in our community - and they are very generously sharing their knowledge and, in many cases, personal experiences with celiac disease.  Browse celiac-related blog posts or use our built-in blogging format to share your story!
Join our Celiac Group on freedible!

Join the conversation in our Celiac Disease group!

Connect with others in our community who have Celiac Disease - or who wonder if they might!

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