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Learn, Love & Share for Food Allergy Awareness Week!

Learn, Love & Share for Food Allergy Awareness Week!
Freedible: Because food is not one-size-fits-all.Read our food allergy related blog posts.
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Celebrate Food Allergy Awareness Week

Learn, Love & Share for Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week, the broader custom eating community celebrates both Celiac and Food Allergy Awareness, and we can think of no better place to do that than on the social platform built for all custom eaters.

As we looked through the amazing collection of blog posts about food allergies that our members have shared over the last year, we were struck by our community's passion to educate and share with one another.

But more than that, we were struck by the electric current of love that runs through so many of these posts. That's true whether it's the protective mantle a food allergy 'mama bear' wraps around her vulnerable cubs, or the love our adult partners show in the thousands of compromises they make to their own diets to keep our mealtime traditions whole.

We thought we'd share just a few of those here today and encourage you to click through to our food allergy blog posts collection to browse more.

Happy Eating,
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a few of our food allergy blog posts

Find Out More About Food Allergies

These are just a few of the blog posts our community has shared about food allergies, on everything from diagnosis to the social impact food allergies have on kids and grownups alike. Check these out, and visit our Food Allergies blog posts section to browse more.
A Place to Rest

A Place to Rest by Pure and Peanut Free

Our Community Manager shares a heart-stopping window into the equally fierce fear and love of a food allergy mom, and her quest to find a place to rest.
Food Allergies book review

Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Search for a Cure, a book review by Amazing Atopic
What could ancient herbal remedies have to do with the very modern food allergies epidemic? Everything! Dr. Henry Ehrlich has chronicles the amazing work of Dr. Xeu-Min Li (whose astounding practice freedible's founder can personally vouch for!) and success in retraining food allergy and mast cell patients' immune systems.  Read Amazing Atopic's review!

Food Allergies and Bullying

Kids with Food Allergies are Often Targets of Bullying by No Fear Of Food
Tragically, 1 in 3 food allergy kids reports that their food allergies have made them the target of bullies. Find out how you can help keep them safe from "pranks" with truly life-threatening consequences.

Food Allergy Symptoms

Know How to Recognize Food Allergy Symptoms by No Fear Of Food
Read up on how to tell the signs of a food allergy symptom - because you never know when you'll have a chance to help save someone's life!

Remaining Positive Through Food Allergies Obstacles
Remaining Positive Through Food Allergies Obstacles by epipenprincess
Want to be inspired? No matter what your relationship to food allergies, we're convinced that reading pretty much anything by epinpenprincess will do the trick!
An Allergic Foodie does NOT Live on Lettuce Alone

An Allergic Foodie Does NOT Live on Lettuce Alone by An Allergic Foodie
One of the many ways it's hard to be a grownup with food allergies is the strain it puts on the ones we love. Our tenacious Soy group moderator, An Allergic Foodie, shares how food allergies, tacos & a long road trip put a spotlight on the partnership that sees her through.


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