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July 4th Recipes That Bring Everyone Back to the Table: freedible News

July 4th Recipes That Bring Everyone Back to the Table: freedible News


Backyard barbeques, boisterous get-togethers and picnics while you wait for the fireworks - you're gonna need some food!  We've got a top-8 allergen-free menu to bring everyone back to the table, and we're bringing the party, too!
Food, friends, fun & freedom - kind of sums up the 4th of July, but why stop there?

On the fourth, we're kicking off Declare Your Independence from Food Restrictions Month!  Throughout the month, we'll be having fun social events to celebrate all the good living you can do despite having food restrictions - details coming soon!

But first, the food!  We've put together a 4th of July menu that's free of all of the 8 most common allergens (including gluten), contains several vegan options - and is deceptively quick and easy to boot.

Because what better way to celebrate the great American experiment than by bringing everybody back to the table to eat together.

Stay tuned, and happy eating!
a feast for the 4th!
Wondering what you can make for that party that everyone can eat together?  Try our 4th of July feast: all are quick and easy - as well and they don't have any gluten, dairy or any of the other top 8 allergens!
Top eight free fourth of July meal recipes on
Allergen friendly lamb burgers recipe on
Lovley summer flowers from
Cold and Spicy Peach-Cucumber Soup recipe from

Cold & Spicy Peach-Cucumber Soup with Blueberry Stars

Start everyone off with this elegant chilled soup - a surprising combination of peaches, mint, jalapeno & cucumber that you can make the night before!
Mung bean salad recipe from

Seriously Simple Mung Bean Salad

Quick and easy with a Mediterranean flair, we've been known to eat this one right out of the bowl with a spoon!  Served cold, it should travel well for that July 4th picnic!
Chicken Apple Skewers recipe on

Chicken Apple Skewers

This three ingredient recipe is so simple to make we almost didn't write it up.  But wow - apples on the grill make any meal pop!
Moroccan Lamb Burger Salad recipe on

Moroccan-Herbed Lamb Burgers

These lamb burgers taste almost like kofta kebabs - but without the allergens!  So tasty, a bun and ketchup would be a distraction...
Berry Rhubarb Brown Betty Recipe on

Berry Rhubarb Brown Betty

This is one of our favorite brunch recipes -- super easy to make, power-packed with vitamin C and the kids love it too.  Oh - and it's totally gluten-, dairy- and egg-free besides, and a lovely way for those with oral food allergy to enjoy fresh berries.  Enjoy!!
welcome new bloggers
Allergen free baker blogger on
Allergen Free Baker
Colette Martin is a food allergy mom and the author of Learning to Bake Allergen-Free. She is also a contributing writer to, Living Harvest and When Fridays Were Fridays, her blog on working womens' issues.
celiac blogger on
April Pevetaux, author of the the book Gluten is my B*tch, is famous for the quick (and ever-so-slightly biting) wit with which she and her daughter keep the upper hand on their celiac disease. As a lover of food she finds ways to work around her diagnosis and come up with creative and tasty gluten free recipes.
food allergy mom blogger on
As a mother of two young children with food allergies, hsw24 blogs about her allergy-friendly family life -- recipes, reading, running, and adventures in parenting. 
celiac mother blogger on
The Patient Celiac
Jess is a M.D. and diagnosed celiac who writes about raising her family gluten-free and likes to spend her late nights translating new medical research on celiac and other gluten-sensitivity into English!
blogger on
Spruestory uses her blog to "defeat celiac with snark, one day at a time." Sprue is an older term for celiacs disease which she uses because she can't resist a good rhyme-pun.
coming july 4:

The 4th of July is for celebrating independence: yours!

Sure, you could stay home and feel bummed about your food restrictions - or you could join us in celebrating all the good living you can do despite them!  More details are coming Monday - but here's a sneak preview of what we have in store!

July 4-7
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July 8-24
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Register on freedible - it's free!Add your eating restrictions to your  freedible profile by July 31 and you'll automatically be entered to win our grand prize!

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Party with humorous author April Peveteaux as she tweets her tips for traveling with celiac disease & other restrictions.

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