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What's {not} in a cookie...

What's {not} in a cookie...

Whether your holiday festivities start tonight with Hannukah or with Santa's arrival next week, it's easy for holiday parties and cookie exchanges to seem like just another challenge: how to turn our "safe" list of foods into something resembling a cookie, and how to make it feel "fair" to my kids that they can only eat the ones that come from home?

Yet, as freedible has grown I've been learning that these moments when our food needs threaten to make things "complicated" are also moments when new communities form. And I've learned that no matter how delicious a cookie I'm able to come up with, a cookie will always taste sweeter if it's not my own.

Because when I come up with a new formula for our "safe" list of carbs, fats and sugars, I get a cookie.  But when I find one from another family managing a similar list, my kids and I get proof that we are not alone - and that's something that lasts long after the final crumb is gone.

You can browse some of the highlights from among the many sweets and treats in our our 2nd Annual Custom Eater's Cookie Exchange in this morning’s newsletter. And then check out the Cookie Exchange or use our search filters to find the ones that work for your diet - because the real stars of the show are not the beautiful pictures of what's inside, but the creativity of what's not.

Happy Baking,