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Welcome to the new freedible!

Welcome to the new freedible!
Dear friends,

It is with tremendous joy this morning that I officially announce the launch of the new freedible website!

We put a lot of great features into this new design, but there was a single driving reason behind it: to celebrate the passion and the spirit of generosity that we can already see in our young community.

We see the passion behind our community every day.  It's the current that connects us - that collective desire to make life with food restrictions just that little bit easier. To share and to guide one another through the journey towards understanding how food affects our bodies, and how we can thrive with (and despite!) the diets that work for each of us.  We see this passion in shared photos of what I like to call "kitchen victories" (those improbable creations you never thought you'd eat again but just couldn't live without), through status updates relating diagnoses gained and answers found, and through friendships formed across miles, food restrictions and more.

And we see your generosity of spirit in the amazing recipes, blog posts and links you've shared and carefully tagged on freedible, creating what is to our knowledge the only community-sourced guide to what works for those of us with custom diets. Sharing what works for your family, in the hopes it will help other families like yours.  That's an amazing community project, and the perfect expression of our movement to empower custom eaters.

And that, we decided, is worth the effort of a full-on redesign to celebrate!

When you visit the new site, the first thing you'll notice is that we've pulled all the amazing recipes, blog posts and other resources that our members have shared together into the first ever, community-sourced Guide to Custom Eating - and we made it customizable for each of the 8 most common allergens, a "top 8 free" diet & the challenging low histamine diet as well!

While we were at it, we added a whole new navigation with right-where-you-need-them search tools and beautiful original photography (including many of them from our very own, and very talented, Rebecca Sherrow) to make it a pleasant place to "hang out" while you find the recipes, resources and "know-how" that's actually relevant for your diet, your health concerns and your lifestyle.

And we've made it more fun to connect with the community behind the Guide, too.  Check out our new member profiles - with even bigger cover photos and prominent spotlights for all of the recipes and resources you share in the Guide, to thank you for helping other custom eaters.  We've also added a friendlier new, members-only page for catching up with what you missed - kind of like a "town hall square" for catching up with your friends and virtual neighbors, and we've made it easier to upload photos and videos right from your phone, to share your custom eating journey with the community that "gets it"!

Even with this long list, there are a few more 'goodies' that we hope you'll enjoy discovering along the way - but that's the gist of the new design, and more importantly, the reasons why we took the time to put it in place.

Because a community, and a movement, like ours deserves celebrating!

Happy freedibling,

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