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Weekly Meal Planning & Motivation

Each and every Monday, I share easy, customizable meal plans for anyone. These meal plans are ones we actually use at our house to keep everyone on track during the week. As a busy mom, I know the importance of time saving tips.

Here's a little bit about why we love meal planning:
Organization- meal plans help everyone know what to expect during the week. If I am away, my husband can quickly put together whatever is on the plan.
Less waste - when we prepare the meal plan, I look through our pantry and fridge to determine what foods we need to consume first so we don't waste any foods. This has been a huge help on cutting back on food waste.
Saves money - by having less food waste, we are able to save money on our grocery bill. In addition, if I know what meals I want to prepare, I can quickly put together a shopping list for the grocery store. This helps cut back on impulse spending (sometimes). 
Healthier options - my food issues don't allow us to eat out so all our meals are prepared at home. However, meal planning can help reduce the number of times fast food or eating out occurs. If you've already planned your meals, bought the ingredients and know what to expect, the stress of meal time is significantly less.
Saves time - in the few minutes it takes to prepare a plan, the time saved is abundant! No more standing in the fridge at 5 pm trying to decide what to fix that will please everyone!

My meal plans feature 3 meals plus two snacks each day. At our house, Fridays are "Kids Choice Night". The kids love being involved in meal prep and allowing them to pick a favorite food reduces the number of meal time arguments! In addition, all the meal options on my meal plan are gluten free. Many others are paleo friendly, dairy free, vegan, egg free, etc. You can find the link to today's meal plan here. Here's what my plans look like:
There are so many options for meal planning. I encourage you to check some out and hope they can work for you!!

In my meal planning posts, I also include a motivational quote or scripture. Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement (especially dealing with food sensitivities). Here's one of my favorites: 
Stay happy & healthy!

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