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The Art of Staying Home: freedible news!

The Art of Staying Home: freedible news!
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We've eaten out, we've travelled - and this week we're celebrating our independence from food restrictions by focusing on the art of staying home!
Independence from food restrictions is staying home because you want to.
Independence from your food restrictions is staying home because you want to.
For so many, food restrictions are a thing that keep you home - where you know the foods are safe and don't need to be negotiated with or explained to anyone.

As we come into the home-coming stretch on Declare Your Independence from Food Restritions month, we thought we'd turn that one around a bit and focus on the art ofstaying home, for when home is where you want to be.

Enjoy - and check out some of what we have in store!
learn to bake allergen-free!
Learn to Bake Allergen-Free Tweet Chat with Colette Martin, July 24, 9pmEST

Colette F. Martin, author of Learning to Bake Allergen-Free
Learn to Bake Allergen-Free with our Twitter Party!
Wednesday, July 24, 9PM EST
Use #customeater to participate

What better way to celebrate the art of staying home than by reclaiming baking from the foods that don't work for you?  Colette F. Martin, author of Learning to Bake Allergen-Free, is ready with tips and tricks you can use to adjust any recipe or to make up your own to be dairy, gluten, soy, egg and nut-free. 

Have other baking-challenged food restrictions? Bring them along and we'll see what  Colette and our brain-trust of restricted-eating bloggers thinks up - or share tricks of your own!
who's in your pantry?
Who do you want to thank for the foods you caneat?
Custom eaters may have to think a lot about the foods they can't eat but they sure do appreciate the ones they can -- just ask the folks that have already thanked the brands that set them free 75 times through our Facebook contest! Enter today and you could win $50 worth of goodies from the brand you thanked! 
recipes worth staying home for!
What's the best thing about having a Community Cookbook anyone can add to, no matter what their restrictions? The recipes, of course! Check out these recent additions from our Blogger and Custom Eater members and leave them a comment to let them know you appreciated having their dishes to bring toyour custom eating table!
Recipe for Basil and Pineapple Lemonade on freedible
Basil and Pineapple Lemonade
by Crystal_ZenEats

Fresh-squeezed, refreshing and easy summertime drink - all wrapped up in a gorgeous photo essay from the queen of Crystal Zen-Eats!
Recipe for Mexican Kale Salad on freedible
Mexican Kale Salad
by KidCultivation

No nuts, gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, meat, fish and totally, TOTALLY yummy (and did you notice how gorgeous it is?)!
Recipe for Easy Quinoa Pizza Crust on freedible
Easy Quinoa Pizza Crust
by My GF Girlfriend

Pizza night - what better way to stay home? But wait, there's a twist: this one's gluten-free, with an option to go all the way to grain-free as well!
Recipe for Beef Ribs on freedible
Beef Ribs
by Mama Burke

Tangy, sweet BBQ-rubbed beef ribs: we are sooooo in! (Wonder how this would go with MakingItMilkFree's Broccoli Slaw?)
Recipe for Helen's Amazing Layered Dip on freedible
by KnowGlutenJodi

Check out the dip that saved KnowGlutenJodi's 4th of July bash - and the story of how it all happened!
Recipe Broccoli Slaw on freedible
Broccoli Slaw
by MakingItMilkFree

Broccoli the way it was meant to be: with bacon!  Pull out the soy-free, egg-free Vegenaise & you've got yourself a top-8 free side!
Recipe Peach Ice Cream on freedible
Peach Ice Cream
by EJelassi

Peach ice cream: a taste of summer reclaimed for the dairy-free! Simple, delicious - bring it one!

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