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So Delicious Dairy Free pioneers our Founders Circle!

So Delicious Dairy Free pioneers our Founders Circle!
We have big news this morning for the freedible community: So Delicious Dairy Free has kicked off our Founders Circle, making a commitment to our community's continued growth!

Our Founders Circle is an exclusive partnership level that's open only to premier brands that have shown a dedicated commitment to the custom eater space.  As a member of our Founders Circle, So Delicious Dairy Free will be the exclusive sponsor of the Dairy-Free section of our community-sourced Guide, and they will continue to take a leadership role in building our dairy-free community, along with long-time advocate, author and founder Alisa Fleming.

b2ap3 thumbnail Sponsored-Cookbook--So-Delicious-Dairy-Free-250As we considered which brand to invite in as our first Founders Circle member, So Delicious Dairy Free was a natural choice. Over the time they've been a member, So Delicious Dairy Free has been a tremendous supporter not just for freedible but for the entire free-from ecosphere, going out of their way to support newer "free-from" brands in the space and even offering cash grants for programs benefitting custom eaters through last year's #140Difference campaign, of which we were honored to be a part.

But far more important is the commitment So Delicious Dairy Free has made to custom eater families - a commitment that's clear through the amazing recipes our members have already shared in our community-wide cookbook. That's why we are celebrating their Founders Circle membership by launching our first sponsored cookbook, where you will find all the recipes submitted by our members that use products created by So Delicious Dairy Free.

We hope you'll browse this new section of our community-wide cookbook for inspiration, and that you'll share your own favorite ways to use their line of vegan, non-GMO, allergen-friendly products, or just send them a friend request here on freedible to help us say "thanks" for all that they do to help us continue to offer this service.

It's a proud day indeed for the freedible community!


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