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Allergy-Friendly Review – HumFree the Bee

Allergy-Friendly Review – HumFree the Bee

Introducing the charming kids book HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy by Alison Grace Johansen, with cute, whimsical illustrations by Brian Talbott!

HumFree is a fun, energetic little bee
Who happens to have a Food Allergy
No matter how fast this little bee flies
He can’t touch some colors even if he tries

This little bee doesn’t like to be sick
He looks for help, and he finds it real quick
HumFree learns what we want our children to see
That we can all thrive with a Food Allergy!

(please forgive my attempt to put a book review in rhyme! This is not text from the book.)

Check out the rest of the review and more photos here!

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