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Recommitting to Hope, and Healing

Recommitting to Hope, and Healing

Dear friends,

Waking this morning to Day 1 after the election, I reflected on how many divisions and fears this last electoral year has brought to the fore. We see a new image of ourselves as a culture, and whether last night was one of joy or of tears for you, it is clear that we are a culture in need of healing.

Looking at the path ahead, I was struck by how important it is for us all to find and support the healers among us, and to reinvest within our own communities - online and off - in the values of empowerment, tolerance and inclusion that we hold dear.

So I thought I would start this first post-election day by re-committing to you my passion to build freedible as a community for learning from our differences, finding the things we have in common and supporting one another. Perhaps if we practice doing that with our food and our health it will help us to do so in other emotionally-charged areas as well.

It seems a small gesture in light of the divisions around us, but I firmly believe that hope spreads in concentric circles: each drop forms a ripple; each ripple spreads to a community; each community forms a ring - and together, many rings can re-shape the ocean.

I hope you will join me in this mission within each of the communities you hold dear.